TerryWelcome to Soothing Video dedicated to helping you live a more relaxed life with relaxation videos, relaxing sounds, tips and advice for relaxation, stress management and living a simpler life.

Soothing Video was created to help you to enhance your life, my vision for this website is a place where you can come to help you deal with the pressures of modern life. Soothing Video is all about bringing you relaxing scenes to watch and help you unwind, in time I hope to have something to offer for everyone.

Whether it is the sounds of nature, video of a river, mountain streams, fireplace videos, ocean videos, videos to help you sleep, water sounds, rain whatever it is that you find most relaxing I hope that you will find it here. Take some time to browse through the collection of nature and relaxation videos and articles created especially for you.

About Terry

My goal is simple I want to make a difference to your life.

I live in beautiful Ireland with my wife and 2 children and was born and raised in South Africa, I have also lived and worked in Botswana and Namibia.

During my life I have been and done many things including owning a pizzeria, working at a zoo, being a costumed character for promotional events and have spent many years working in financial services.

I have also made loads of mistakes along the way, have been deep in debt, have made the wrong choices but have come out the other side wiser and stronger.

Soothing Video is the realisation of a desire to help others through the medium of video and photo.

I draw a lot of inspiration and guidance from nature and believe that nature has a lot to teach us, its always seeking balance, it rejuvenates and renews us especially in todays always on, race to the top world.

I am constantly seeking to expand my library of photos and videos and any suggestions or requests you have for any particular type of content you would like to see is most welcome.

Any comments you have are welcome, please do get in touch via the contact page and connect with me on youtube, facebook, G+ and twitter.

Hope you enjoy


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