Forest Sounds and Relaxing Piano Music Relaxation Video

Forest Sounds and Relaxing Piano Music

Relax in the forest with relaxing piano music and forest sounds, a relaxation video from soothing video. Designed around the color green because green is relaxing and the forest is relaxing, stress relief is just a few minutes away. The sounds of the forest are very calming, let the magic of the forest envelope you. Its no surprise that green has such a relaxing effect on us since it is a predominant color of nature. Scientific research has proved that spending time in nature is very calming and has a positive effect on stress, nature is the ultimate stress reliever. There are beautiful mushrooms and fungi growing on the fallen tree trunks and in the new part of the forest ivy is growing up the tree trunks.

Relaxation Video

I recorded this relaxation video at a nature reserve not far from my house. The nature reserve was reclaimed from farmland that was donated and volunteers spent months planting trees and rehabilitating the site. Wildlife has moved in and nature is abundant. The forest provides green space that is a refuge for many small animals and in the midst of suburbia it provides a welcome refuge for the local residents too.

This video is a celebration of our green spaces, they play in important role in nature conservation and in our wellbeing. They should be nutured and treasured and everyone should have access to a green space however small it maybe.

Forest Sounds

Nature sounds abound in the forest and you can hear the sound of birds of all shapes and sizes, I have included the forest sounds that were recorded onsite which I think enhances the overall experience and have then overlayed that with a relaxing piano music track.

The relaxing piano music is Mirror Blue by Mizimo

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